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Red is events.

29: Log (alienfield)

10: Esther
14: Belphegor
15: Cain
15: Cain
15: Niou
16: Nyanpire (homecoming)
18: Log

12: Log
15: Nyanpire
15: Rin
15: Belphegor
15: Rin
16: Shana

Napping at weird places
[  A; Action  |  Event day 3: Shrinkfield/Growfield  |  John Doe Park  |  Open to All  ]

[ While a napping Hibari is a usual sight, a giant Hibari is not. Right now, a still growing Hibari is napping in the John Doe Park, not at all caring that he's not his normal size. Though of course, he doesn't even know he is growing. He wasn't when he fell asleep. ]

[  B; Action  |  Event day 4: Insectfield(?)  |  Around Mayfield  |  Open to All  ]

[ If you crack open one of the giant crabs, you'll be able to find a certain boy napping inside its shell. ]

[ All Around Mayfield - Afternoon ]

[ Kyoya mostly decided to work to have something to do. Not that there could be too much napping; on the contrary. But he had been used to handling the discipline in all of Namimori before getting here, and that ment he wanted at least something to do. Or maybe not. He'll get the packages out in his own pace, and won't be very polite about it.

Now, however, he is at your house with a package of.. something. What it is, he doesn't know. Nor does he care. But he will be rude towards you when he hands it to you. ]

[ A - Phone post - Open ]

[ His voice is dark, showing that he is not at all pleased over being away from his precious Namimori Middle School. ]

Where is my Namimori?

If I find whoever is responsible for this kidnapping and placement of me here, they should expect to be more than simply bitten to death.

[ B - Albright Lane - Open ]

[ He is wandering around the street he seem to have ended up at, having exited through the window without even meeting his new family. He is upset, and angry. If you see him, you might or might not feel the dark aura around him. ]

ooc: CR Chart

Character Relations Key

: Dislikes/Hates
: Unsure of you
: Acquaintance/Occasionally spoken to
: People considered as friends/Like to talk with
: People considered as good friends or BFFs/Like to talk with a lot
: Crushing on
: In love with/would face death for you


Sakuya ==> lunardialled           not!mom   
     Not that he believes this abuot you being his 'mother',
     but this far, he only think that you're talking too much.

Blue ==>  gottimedout    not!dad     

All Around Mayfield

Belphegor ==> princecreepshow
   'Prince' or not, you're still noisy and weak.
   'Genius' or not, you're still weak.
   And those wires of yours just makes the fight even more boring.

Nyanpire ==> nyanpirenya   
   Small animal = Likes.
   Noisy = Dislikes.
   He just found you amusing. He might be inclined to like you in the future.

Rin ==>  takeagandr    
    Well, at least you're alright for the moment.
    You're not crowding too much, at least.

Cain ==>      kinships     

Comment and I'll add you =)

ooc: Information
Character Name:  Hibari Kyoya. And he won't accept being called anything else, or he will bite you to death. There are a few rare exceptions, however.
Character Series: Katenyo Hitman Reborn!
Character Age: 16 (according to rumours, his real age is officially marked as '???')
Lives: Albright Lane 1647

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ooc: Contacts post

Leave a comment here, send me a mail at hotarukunn@gmail.com, send me a PM on this account if you want to get in touch with me, discuss things with me, tell me something, plot or anything, really.
Comments are screened.

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ooc: Permissions
CHARACTER NAME: Hibari Kyoya (Porphua)
CHARACTER SERIES: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!


Backtagging: Yes
Threadhopping: Yes
Fourthwalling: Yes, but if he believes you (and lets you live) is another thing completely)
Offensive subjects (elaborate): Rokudo Mukuro. Sakura (as in the flower). There might be  others as well. If you touch any subjects he doesn't like, he'll beite you to death.


Hugging this character: If you wish to die.
Kissing this character: Same as above.
Flirting with this character: Again. Sometimes, he might be too dense to get it, though.
Fighting with this character: Yes.
Injuring this character: Yes. Although he will injure you back.
Killing this character: Oh, only if you can.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Once again, if your character wish to die. Ah, unless he doesn't notie, which he most likely will.