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[ All Around Mayfield - Afternoon ]

[ Kyoya mostly decided to work to have something to do. Not that there could be too much napping; on the contrary. But he had been used to handling the discipline in all of Namimori before getting here, and that ment he wanted at least something to do. Or maybe not. He'll get the packages out in his own pace, and won't be very polite about it.

Now, however, he is at your house with a package of.. something. What it is, he doesn't know. Nor does he care. But he will be rude towards you when he hands it to you. ]

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...Hello? I don't remember ordering anything.

Maybe not. I was still told to deliver this.

Hmm... I wonder what it could be. Well, all the same, thank you, Mr. Hibari!

[ Changing topic, because the previous doesn't really interest him very much. ]

Was it you that made clothes?

[ Because the voice was familiar. Though he's talked to a lot of people already. ]

Yes, that would be me. Rarity, at your service.

[She smiles, sweeping a hoof out to the side and bowing her head lightly.]

Right. Can you make school uniforms?

School uniforms? I'm afraid I've never heard of something like that before, but it doesn't sound difficult. If you can describe to me what you need, it shouldn't be a problem at all.

Excuse me....

[Celes turns around to stare coldly at the young man who is handing her a package rather forcefully.]

What is this?


[ He gives her a blank stare. ]

I'm afraid I have never ordered any package.

I just delivered it, I don't care about the details.

[ A moments silence. ]

If you say so.

Would you like a drink or anything while you're here?

[ huh? He frown as he think about it. It wasn't much difference between his house and Cain's.. Same amount of people.... ]

..I guess that's fine..

[ he had saved Cain's house to last because it was just by his own, anyway. ]

[He stands aside to let Kyoya in and to the kitchen.]

What would you like?

..anything's fine.. Water or something.. Or tea..

I'll make you some tea, just take a seat.

[And he's climbing on a chair to reach the stove properly.]

[ he silently watch. He wonders how good Cain's balance is, but don't really bother. ]

[He has exceptional balance, and prepares the tea with ease, bringing it over.]

Do you take milk and sugar?

...Good afternoon.

[Was it time for regains already?]

[ Hibari nods once in greeting. ]

(Deleted comment)
[ Oh, it's her. ]


(Deleted comment)
I don't know, nor do I care.

(Deleted comment)
I just delivered it, that's all. I take no interest in the contents.

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